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New 'Chicken from Hell' Discovered

vendredi 26 janvier 2024 par Kyle Atkins-Weltman, Eric Snively, The Conversation US — Biology, Evolution, Paleontology
A newly identified “chicken from hell” species suggests dinosaurs weren’t sliding toward extinction before the fateful asteroid hit

Robotic Dinosaur Tests How Dinos (and Birds) Got Wings

jeudi 25 janvier 2024 par Meghan Bartels — Biology, Dinosaurs, Evolution
Scientists built a robotic dinosaur to terrify grasshoppers, all in hopes of understanding how truly pathetic wings could offer prehistoric animals an evolutionary advantage

A Comic Guide to the Evolution of Ancient Cells into Complex Brains

mardi 23 janvier 2024 par Tim Vernimmen, Maki Naro, Knowable Magazine — Biology, Evolution
“The anus was a prerequisite for intelligence” said one biologist

How Does the World's Largest Seabird Know Where to Fly?

vendredi 12 janvier 2024 par Joseph Polidoro — Biology, Animals, Evolution
Wandering albatrosses navigate thousands of miles using “the voice of the sea.”

Did Neurons Evolve Twice?

jeudi 4 janvier 2024 par Cara Giovanetti — Evolution, Mind & Brain
Tracing the history of the earliest animals offers clues to whether the birth of the neuron was a one-time event

The 6 Most Intriguing Things We Learned about Pet Cats and Dogs This Year

vendredi 22 décembre 2023 par Lori Youmshajekian — Biology, Animals, Evolution
In 2023 we learned that cats really are choosing to ignore humans and that—despite dogs getting all the glory when it comes to retrieving prowess—cats want to play fetch, too

Eyeless Cave Spiders Can Still 'See' the Light

jeudi 21 décembre 2023 par Jack Tamisiea — Biology, Animals, Evolution
Some species of cave-dwelling spiders lack eyes but still maintain the ability to sense light, which likely protects them from the arid environments at the sunny mouths of caves

Podcasts of the Year: What Better Gift for the Holidays Than a Monstrous Mystery?

mercredi 20 décembre 2023 par Jeffery DelViscio, Flora Lichtman — Biology, Animals, Evolution
We’re looking back at 2023 for our favorite podcast shows and one about the largest bird to ever fly the skies just flew to the top of the list.

Robots Made from Human Cells Can Move on Their Own and Heal Wounds

vendredi 1er décembre 2023 par Philip Ball — Biology, Evolution, Health, Medicine
Researchers have created “anthrobots” out of human lung cells that are capable of moving independently and even healing damaged tissue

The Oldest Deep-Sea Fish Discovered in Fossil Traces

vendredi 1er décembre 2023 par Riley Black — Advances, Biology, Evolution
Ancient fish followed prey into the crushing pressures of the deep ocean

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