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An Ancient Proto-City Reveals the Origin of Home

lundi 1er mars 2021 par Annalee Newitz — Features, The Sciences, Evolution
The 9,000-year-old settlement of Çatalhöyük in Turkey shows how humans began putting down roots -- Read more on

Mammoth Genomes Shatter Record for Oldest DNA Sequences

mercredi 17 février 2021 par Kate Wong — The Sciences, Biology, Evolution
Researchers extracted DNA from fossils that are more than a million years old, illuminating the origins of the woolly mammoth and the Columbian mammoth -- Read more on

Dinosaur Discoveries Are Booming

mercredi 17 février 2021 par Katie Peek — Graphic Science, The Sciences, Evolution
Fossils are being found worldwide, and there are plenty more to come -- Read more on

Evolution Could Explain Why Psychotherapy May Work for Depression

vendredi 12 février 2021 par Gary Stix — Mind, Mental Health, Evolution
Persistent rumination may be an attribute that lets us think our way out of despair—a process enhanced through talk therapy -- Read more on

Neandertalized 'Mini Brains' Yield Clues to Modern Human Uniqueness

jeudi 11 février 2021 par Kate Wong — The Sciences, Evolution
Experiments on clusters of cultured cells hint that a gene variant found only in Homo sapiens profoundly changed brain development in our species, compared with our extinct relatives -- Read more on

How Evolution Helps Us Understand Cancer and Control It

mercredi 27 janvier 2021 par Athena Aktipis — Features, The Sciences, Biology, Evolution
Cells need to cooperate to coexist in people, and when some break the rules, cancer results -- Read more on

Ancient Dogs Had Complex Genetic Histories

vendredi 22 janvier 2021 par Eliene Augenbraun — Behavior & Society, The Sciences, Biology, Evolution
Some dog population genetics show similarities to ours, such as in the ability to digest grains. But other lineages differ. -- Read more on

The Evolutionary Origins of Friendship

mercredi 20 janvier 2021 par Debra Lieberman — Opinion, The Sciences, Evolution
The emergence of this crucial kind of relationship relied on the ability to recognize the unique benefits others have to offer -- Read more on

The World's Oldest Animal Paintings Are on This Cave Wall

jeudi 14 janvier 2021 par Rachel Nuwer — The Sciences, Arts & Culture, Evolution
Depictions of pigs found in Indonesia date back at least 45,500 years -- Read more on

Dire Wolves Were Not Really Wolves, New Genetic Clues Reveal

mercredi 13 janvier 2021 par Riley Black — The Sciences, Biology, Evolution
The extinct giant canids were a remarkable example of convergent evolution -- Read more on

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