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River Dolphins Have a Wide Vocal Repertoire

jeudi 25 avril 2019 par Christopher Intagliata — Mind, Cognition, The Sciences, Biology, Evolution
Freshwater dolphins are evolutionary relics, and their calls give clues to the origins of cetacean communication in general. Christopher Intagliata reports. -- Read more on

Honeybees Can Put Two and Two Together

mercredi 24 avril 2019 par Annie Sneed — Mind, Cognition, Neuroscience, The Sciences, Biology, Evolution
The tiny brain of a honeybee is apparently able to calculate small numbers' addition and subtraction. Annie Sneed reports. -- Read more on

Hyena Society Stability Has Last Laugh

samedi 20 avril 2019 par Jason G. Goldman — The Sciences, Biology, Evolution
Female hyenas keep their clans in line by virtue of their complex social networks. Jason G. Goldman reports. -- Read more on

Busted Mastodon Is Ice Age Roadkill

dimanche 14 avril 2019 par Brian Switek — The Sciences, Evolution
A mastodon said to be pulverized by Ice Age humans was probably busted up by roadwork -- Read more on

Mastodons to the Max

samedi 13 avril 2019 par Brian Switek — The Sciences, Evolution
A fossil skeleton found in California leads to the discovery of a new mastodon species. -- Read more on

Urban Coyote Evolution Favors the Bold

vendredi 12 avril 2019 par Jason G. Goldman — The Sciences, Biology, Evolution
Coyotes become fearless around people in just a few generations—which isn’t good for their longterm co-existence with humans in cities. Jason G. Goldman reports. -- Read more on

Philippine Fossils Add Surprising New Species to Human Family Tree

jeudi 11 avril 2019 par Kate Wong — The Sciences, Evolution
The second tiny ancestor found in the islands of southeast Asia, Homo luzonensis challenges prevailing views of early human dispersal and adaptability -- Read more on

Teaching Evolution to Tibetan Monks

mercredi 10 avril 2019 par David Westmoreland — The Sciences, Evolution
When cultural beliefs clash with science, a little humor and a little humility never hurts -- Read more on

How the Samoan Tattoo Survived Colonialism

samedi 6 avril 2019 par Amber Dance, Sapiens — Behavior & Society, The Sciences, Evolution
Several factors, from geography to group identity, helped this traditional body art endure—even as similar practices were lost in other cultures -- Read more on

Tiny Footprints May Have Been Made by World's Smallest Nonavian Dinosaur

vendredi 5 avril 2019 par John Pickrell — Advances, The Sciences, Evolution
The raptorlike prints could also have been from juveniles of a larger species -- Read more on

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