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mercredi 20 mai 2020 — Mathématiques
Un nombre est un concept permettant d’évaluer et de comparer des quantités ou des rapports de grandeurs,...

Patterns and trends of Northern Hemisphere snow mass from 1980 to 2018

mercredi 20 mai 2020 par Jouni Pulliainen, Kari Luojus, Chris Derksen, Lawrence Mudryk, Juha Lemmetyinen, Miia Salminen, Jaakko Ikonen, Matias Takala, Juval Cohen, Tuomo Smolander, Johannes Norberg
Nature, Published online: 20 May 2020; doi:10.1038/s41586-020-2258-0Applying a bias correction to a state-of-the-art dataset covering non-alpine regions of the Northern Hemisphere and to three other datasets yields a more constrained quantification of snow mass in March from 1980 to (...)

Feedback generates a second receptive field in neurons of the visual cortex

mercredi 20 mai 2020 par Andreas J. Keller, Morgane M. Roth, Massimo Scanziani
Nature, Published online: 20 May 2020; doi:10.1038/s41586-020-2319-4Feedback projections onto neurons of the mouse primary visual cortex generate a second excitatory receptive field that is driven by stimuli outside of the classical feedforward receptive field, with responses mediated by higher (...)

Femtosecond-to-millisecond structural changes in a light-driven sodium pump

mercredi 20 mai 2020 par Petr Skopintsev, David Ehrenberg, Tobias Weinert, Daniel James, Rajiv K. Kar, Philip J. M. Johnson, Dmitry Ozerov, Antonia Furrer, Isabelle Martiel, Florian Dworkowski, Karol Nass, Gregor Knopp, Claudio Cirelli, Christopher Arrell, Dardan Gashi, Sandra Mous, Maximilian Wranik, Thomas Gruhl, Demet Kekilli, Steffen Brünle, Xavier Deupi, Gebhard F. X. Schertler, Roger M. Benoit, Valerie Panneels, Przemyslaw Nogly, Igor Schapiro, Christopher Milne, Joachim Heberle, Jörg Standfuss
Nature, Published online: 20 May 2020; doi:10.1038/s41586-020-2307-8Crystallographic ‘snapshots’ taken at intervals of femtoseconds to milliseconds after activation show how a light-activated sodium pump carries sodium ions across the cell (...)

Genes silenced down the generations, thanks to tails on messenger RNA

mercredi 20 mai 2020 par Kailee J. Reed, Taiowa A. Montgomery
Nature, Published online: 20 May 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01417-2It emerges that strings of nucleotides are added to messenger RNAs that are undergoing silencing in nematode worms. The composition of these nucleotide tails promotes the formation of small RNAs that drive heritable gene (...)

poly(UG)-tailed RNAs in genome protection and epigenetic inheritance

mercredi 20 mai 2020 par Aditi Shukla, Jenny Yan, Daniel J. Pagano, Anne E. Dodson, Yuhan Fei, Josh Gorham, J. G. Seidman, Marvin Wickens, Scott Kennedy
Nature, Published online: 20 May 2020; doi:10.1038/s41586-020-2323-8In Caenorhabditis elegans, the ribonucleotidyltransferase RDE-3 adds alternating uridine and guanosine ribonucleotides to the 3′ termini of RNAs, a key step in RNA interference and thus epigenetic inheritance in the C. elegans (...)

Neuroimaging results altered by varying analysis pipelines

mercredi 20 mai 2020 par Martin Lindquist
Nature, Published online: 20 May 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01282-zSeventy laboratories that analysed the same neuroimaging data each produced different results. This finding highlights the potential consequences of a lack of standardized pipelines for processing complex (...)

Extinct proteins resurrected to reconstruct the evolution of vertebrate haemoglobin

mercredi 20 mai 2020 par Michael Berenbrink
Nature, Published online: 20 May 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01287-8The multi-subunit protein haemoglobin relies on complex interactions between its components to function properly. Analysis of ancient precursors suggests that its evolution from a simple monomer involved only a few (...)

Deciphering human macrophage development at single-cell resolution

mercredi 20 mai 2020 par Zhilei Bian, Yandong Gong, Tao Huang, Christopher Z. W. Lee, Lihong Bian, Zhijie Bai, Hui Shi, Yang Zeng, Chen Liu, Jian He, Jie Zhou, Xianlong Li, Zongcheng Li, Yanli Ni, Chunyu Ma, Lei Cui, Rui Zhang, Jerry K. Y. Chan, Lai Guan Ng, Yu Lan, Florent Ginhoux, Bing Liu
Nature, Published online: 20 May 2020; doi:10.1038/s41586-020-2316-7Single-cell RNA sequencing of haematopoietic cells from human embryos at different developmental stages sheds light on the development and specification of macrophages in different (...)

A cold, massive, rotating disk galaxy 1.5 billion years after the Big Bang

mercredi 20 mai 2020 par Marcel Neeleman, J. Xavier Prochaska, Nissim Kanekar, Marc Rafelski
Nature, Published online: 20 May 2020; doi:10.1038/s41586-020-2276-yA massive rotating disk galaxy was formed a mere 1.5 billion years after the Big Bang, a surprisingly short time after the origin of the Universe.

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