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Nothing To Gobble At: Social Cognition in Turkeys

mercredi 27 novembre 2013 — Evolution,Mind & Brain
“For the Truth the Turkey is in Comparison a much more respectable Bird and withal a true original Native of America…” wrote Ben Franklin in a 1784 letter to his daughter.... -- Read more on

Thanksgiving and the Myth of the Savage Savage

mercredi 27 novembre 2013 — Evolution,Health,More Science
The approach of Thanksgiving, that quintessential American holiday, has me brooding over recent scientific portrayals of Native Americans as bellicose brutes.* When I was in grade school, my... -- Read more on

How China's Pet Dogs Might Save Wild Tigers

A tiger mulls life at the Shanghai Zoo. (C) J. Patrick Fischer On the streets of Beijing, little old ladies coax even littler dogs to do their business. Some even bear the little plastic bags ... -- Read more on

The golden age of computational materials science gives me a disturbing feeling of d j vu

Graphene, a wonder material which was made by scientists using a version of Scotch tape (Image: Wikipedia) I was a mere toddler in the early 1980s when they announced the “golden age of... -- Read more on

Have We Saved the Sharks?

“In China victory for wildlife conservation as citizens persuaded to give up shark fin soup.” This October 19 headline in the Washington Post was one that marine... -- Read more on

Mushrooms Create Their Own Breeze

Mushrooms must scatter their spores to make little mushrooms. And we've long assumed that they rely on a friendly breeze for spore spreading. But a new study shows that mushrooms can create their... -- Read more on

Good Microbes make Good Pets

THIS is good scicomm. Why? Well, for many reasons – good writing, good sound, good editing – but by far the most apparent, the reason most people will sit up and take note is because of... -- Read more on

`Forest Giraffe' Now Endangered: Okapi Populations Drop 50 Percent in 18 Years

Better late than never? This week the International Union for Conservation of Natural Resources, which publishes the IUCN Red List of threatened species, listed the rare and iconic okapi ( Okapia... -- Read more on

Live Google Hangout with Dino Discoverers

lundi 25 novembre 2013 — Evolution,More Science
At approximately 2pm today, I’m hosting a live interview with Lindsay Zanno and Pete Makovicky, two paleontologists who just published their remarkable new dinosaur discovery – of one of... -- Read more on

Human Health Depends on a Healthy Environment

What is the value of an intact rainforest ? From a people perspective, maybe it's more useful turned into lumber and cropland. [More] -- Read more on

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