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HCN ice in Titan’s high-altitude southern polar cloud

mercredi 1er octobre 2014 par Remco J. de Kok, Nicholas A. Teanby, Luca Maltagliati, Patrick G. J. Irwin, Sandrine Vinatier
Titan’s middle atmosphere is currently experiencing a rapid change of season after northern spring arrived in 2009 (refs 1, 2). A large cloud was observed for the first time above Titan’s southern pole in May 2012, at an altitude of 300 kilometres. A temperature maximum was previously observed (...)

Structure and evolution of the lunar Procellarum region as revealed by GRAIL gravity data

mercredi 1er octobre 2014 par Jeffrey C. Andrews-Hanna, Jonathan Besserer, James W. Head III, Carly J. A. Howett, Walter S. Kiefer, Paul J. Lucey, Patrick J. McGovern, H. Jay Melosh, Gregory A. Neumann, Roger J. Phillips, Paul M. Schenk, David E. Smith, Sean C. Solomon, Maria T. Zuber
The Procellarum region is a broad area on the nearside of the Moon that is characterized by low elevations, thin crust, and high surface concentrations of the heat-producing elements uranium, thorium, and potassium. The region has been interpreted as an ancient impact basin approximately (...)

Experimental realization of universal geometric quantum gates with solid-state spins

mercredi 1er octobre 2014 par C. Zu, W.-B. Wang, L. He, W.-G. Zhang, C.-Y. Dai, F. Wang, L.-M. Duan
Experimental realization of a universal set of quantum logic gates is the central requirement for the implementation of a quantum computer. In an ‘all-geometric’ approach to quantum computation, the quantum gates are implemented using Berry phases and their non-Abelian extensions, holonomies, (...)

Direct observations of evolving subglacial drainage beneath the Greenland Ice Sheet

mercredi 1er octobre 2014 par Lauren C. Andrews, Ginny A. Catania, Matthew J. Hoffman, Jason D. Gulley, Martin P. Lüthi, Claudia Ryser, Robert L. Hawley, Thomas A. Neumann
Seasonal acceleration of the Greenland Ice Sheet is influenced by the dynamic response of the subglacial hydrologic system to variability in meltwater delivery to the bed via crevasses and moulins (vertical conduits connecting supraglacial water to the bed of the ice sheet). As the melt season (...)

Corrigendum: Mammalian Y chromosomes retain widely expressed dosage-sensitive regulators

mercredi 1er octobre 2014 par Daniel W. Bellott, Jennifer F. Hughes, Helen Skaletsky, Laura G. Brown, Tatyana Pyntikova, Ting-Jan Cho, Natalia Koutseva, Sara Zaghlul, Tina Graves, Susie Rock, Colin Kremitzki, Robert S. Fulton, Shannon Dugan, Yan Ding, Donna Morton, Ziad Khan, Lora Lewis, Christian Buhay, Qiaoyan Wang, Jennifer Watt, Michael Holder, Sandy Lee, Lynne Nazareth, Jessica Alföldi, Steve Rozen, Donna M. Muzny, Wesley C. Warren, Richard A. Gibbs, Richard K. Wilson, David C. Page
Nature508, 494–499 (2014); doi:10.1038/nature13206Jessica Alföldi should have been listed with affiliation 1 in the author list. She performed BAC mapping, radiation hybrid mapping and real-time polymerase chain reaction analyses. The online versions of this Article have (...)

Corrigendum: Hotspots of aberrant epigenomic reprogramming in human induced pluripotent stem cells

mercredi 1er octobre 2014 par Ryan Lister, Mattia Pelizzola, Yasuyuki S. Kida, R. David Hawkins, Joseph R. Nery, Gary Hon, Jessica Antosiewicz-Bourget, Ronan O’Malley, Rosa Castanon, Sarit Klugman, Michael Downes, Ruth Yu, Ron Stewart, Bing Ren, James A. Thomson, Ronald M. Evans, Joseph R. Ecker
Nature471, 68–73 (2011); doi:10.1038/nature09798The parameters described in the “Identification of DMRs” subsection of the Methods of our Article regarding the identification of the non-CG mega-DMRs (differentially methylated regions) should read as follows: “The average methylation level (...)

High winter ozone pollution from carbonyl photolysis in an oil and gas basin

mercredi 1er octobre 2014 par Peter M. Edwards, Steven S. Brown, James M. Roberts, Ravan Ahmadov, Robert M. Banta, Joost A. deGouw, William P. Dubé, Robert A. Field, James H. Flynn, Jessica B. Gilman, Martin Graus, Detlev Helmig, Abigail Koss, Andrew O. Langford, Barry L. Lefer, Brian M. Lerner, Rui Li, Shao-Meng Li, Stuart A. McKeen, Shane M. Murphy, David D. Parrish, Christoph J. Senff, Jeffrey Soltis, Jochen Stutz, Colm Sweeney, Chelsea R. Thompson, Michael K. Trainer, Catalina Tsai, Patrick R. Veres, Rebecca A. Washenfelder, Carsten Warneke, Robert J. Wild, Cora J. Young, Bin Yuan, Robert Zamora
The United States is now experiencing the most rapid expansion in oil and gas production in four decades, owing in large part to implementation of new extraction technologies such as horizontal drilling combined with hydraulic fracturing. The environmental impacts of this development, from its (...)

Site-specific group selection drives locally adapted group compositions

mercredi 1er octobre 2014 par Jonathan N. Pruitt, Charles J. Goodnight
Group selection may be defined as selection caused by the differential extinction or proliferation of groups. The socially polymorphic spider Anelosimus studiosus exhibits a behavioural polymorphism in which females exhibit either a ‘docile’ or ‘aggressive’ behavioural phenotype. Natural colonies (...)

Une grenouille venimeuse découverte au Panama

mardi 30 septembre 2014 par (Futura-Sciences) — grenouille
Elle a la peau d'un orange vif et le mâle pousse un cri caractéristique. Nouvellement découverte, cette grenouille semble vivre dans une aire géographique restreinte et les chercheurs lancent déjà un appel pour que l'espèce soit protégée.

Selon le WWF, les vertébrés auraient perdu la moitié de leurs effectifs

mardi 30 septembre 2014 par (Futura-Sciences) — développement durable
Dans son rapport Planète vivante, le WWF présente quelques chiffres assez inquiétants. Chez les vertébrés, les effectifs des populations auraient diminué de moitié en 40 ans. Ces disparitions ne sont pas sans lien avec les grandissants besoins de l’humanité (...)

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