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When the First Farmers Arrived in Europe, Inequality Evolved

mardi 28 juillet 2020 par Laura Spinney — Features, The Sciences, Evolution
Forests gave way to fields, pushing hunter-gatherers to the margins—geographically and socially -- Read more on

Science News Briefs from around the Planet

lundi 27 juillet 2020 par Sarah Lewin Frasier — Public Health, Sustainability, Environment, Natural Disasters, The Sciences, Evolution, Physics
Here are some brief reports about science and technology from all over, including one about how a lizard population responded to hurricanes by developing larger and stickier toe pads on average. -- Read more on

World's Smallest Dinosaur Is Probably a Lizard

vendredi 24 juillet 2020 par Giuliana Viglione, Nature magazine — The Sciences, Evolution
The paper that reported the animal’s discovery was retracted following new evidence from a similar fossil -- Read more on

Old Art Offers Agriculture Info

vendredi 24 juillet 2020 par Susanne Bard — EARTH, The Sciences, Arts & Culture, Biology, Chemistry, Evolution
Art museums are filled with centuries-old paintings with details of plants that today give us clues about evolution and breeding practices. -- Read more on

Controversial Cave Discoveries Suggest Humans Reached Americas Much Earlier Than Thought

jeudi 23 juillet 2020 par Colin Barras, Nature magazine — The Sciences, Evolution
Archeologists say stone artifacts point to occupation more than 30,000 years ago—but not everyone is convinced -- Read more on

Cricket Avoids Being Bat Food by Doing Nothing

jeudi 23 juillet 2020 par Emily Schwing — Neuroscience, Environment, The Sciences, Evolution
The sword-tailed cricket can discern bats’ echolocation signals by only responding to calls of a certain volume—at which point it plummets out of their approach. -- Read more on

Civil War Vaccine May Have Lessons for COVID-19

lundi 20 juillet 2020 par Susanne Bard — Health, Public Health, The Sciences, Arts & Culture, Biology, Evolution
Vaccination used against smallpox during the Civil War reveals the identity of the distantly related virus used to keep troops disease-free. -- Read more on

'Tiny Bug Slayer' Dinosaur Relative Would Fit in the Palm of a Hand

mardi 14 juillet 2020 par Laura Geggel, LiveScience — The Sciences, Evolution
A fossil from Madagascar shows giant dinosaurs and pterosaurs originated from teensy ancestors -- Read more on

How Oak Trees Evolved to Rule the Forests of the Northern Hemisphere

mardi 14 juillet 2020 par Andrew L. Hipp, Paul S. Manos, Jeannine Cavender-Bares — Features, The Sciences, Evolution
Genomes and fossils reveal their remarkable evolutionary history -- Read more on

Polynesians and Native South Americans Made 12th-Century Contact

vendredi 10 juillet 2020 par Christopher Intagliata — The Sciences, Evolution
Scientists have found snippets of Native South American DNA in the genomes of present-day Polynesians, and they trace the contact to the year 1150. Christopher Intagliata reports. -- Read more on

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