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Nature is the international weekly journal of science : a magazine style journal that publishes full-length research papers in all disciplines of science, as well as News and Views, reviews, news, features, commentaries, web focuses and more, covering all branches of science and how science impacts upon all aspects of society and life.

Articles les plus récents

Generation of specialized blood vessels via lymphatic transdifferentiation

mercredi 25 mai 2022 par Rudra N. Das, Yaara Tevet, Stav Safriel, Yanchao Han, Noga Moshe, Giuseppina Lambiase, Ivan Bassi, Julian Nicenboim, Matthias Brückner, Dana Hirsch, Raya Eilam-Altstadter, Wiebke Herzog, Roi Avraham, Kenneth D. Poss, Karina Yaniv
Nature, Published online: 25 May 2022; doi:10.1038/s41586-022-04766-2A study of zebrafish identifies an innate mechanism of blood vessel formation through the transdifferentiation of lymphatic endothelial cells, and provides in vivo evidence for a link between cell ontogeny and functionality in (...)

Mitochondrial uncouplers induce proton leak by activating AAC and UCP1

mercredi 25 mai 2022 par Ambre M. Bertholet, Andrew M. Natale, Paola Bisignano, Junji Suzuki, Andriy Fedorenko, James Hamilton, Tatiana Brustovetsky, Lawrence Kazak, Ryan Garrity, Edward T. Chouchani, Nickolay Brustovetsky, Michael Grabe, Yuriy Kirichok
Nature, Published online: 25 May 2022; doi:10.1038/s41586-022-04747-5Common protonophores—previously known as protein-independent proton translocators—activate mitochondrial heat production due to H+ leak through the ADP/ATP carrier and uncoupling protein (...)

Discovery of bioactive microbial gene products in inflammatory bowel disease

mercredi 25 mai 2022 par Yancong Zhang, Amrisha Bhosle, Sena Bae, Lauren J. McIver, Gleb Pishchany, Emma K. Accorsi, Kelsey N. Thompson, Cesar Arze, Ya Wang, Ayshwarya Subramanian, Sean M. Kearney, April Pawluk, Damian R. Plichta, Ali Rahnavard, Afrah Shafquat, Ramnik J. Xavier, Hera Vlamakis, Wendy S. Garrett, Andy Krueger, Curtis Huttenhower, Eric A. Franzosa
Nature, Published online: 25 May 2022; doi:10.1038/s41586-022-04648-7A computational system termed MetaWIBELE (workflow to identify novel bioactive elements in the microbiome) is used to identify microbial gene products that are potentially bioactive and have a functional role in the (...)

A vaccine targeting resistant tumours by dual T cell plus NK cell attack

mercredi 25 mai 2022 par Soumya Badrinath, Maxence O. Dellacherie, Aileen Li, Shiwei Zheng, Xixi Zhang, Miguel Sobral, Jason W. Pyrdol, Kathryn L. Smith, Yuheng Lu, Sabrina Haag, Hamza Ijaz, Fawn Connor-Stroud, Tsuneyasu Kaisho, Glenn Dranoff, Guo-Cheng Yuan, David J. Mooney, Kai W. Wucherpfennig
Nature, Published online: 25 May 2022; doi:10.1038/s41586-022-04772-4A vaccine targeting stress proteins expressed by many cancers blocks a tumour escape mechanism, enabling protective immunity mediated by diverse T cell and NK cell (...)

Cilia metasurfaces for electronically programmable microfluidic manipulation

mercredi 25 mai 2022 par Wei Wang, Qingkun Liu, Ivan Tanasijevic, Michael F. Reynolds, Alejandro J. Cortese, Marc Z. Miskin, Michael C. Cao, David A. Muller, Alyosha C. Molnar, Eric Lauga, Paul L. McEuen, Itai Cohen
Nature, Published online: 25 May 2022; doi:10.1038/s41586-022-04645-wArtificial cilia composed of surface electrochemical actuators are combined in arrays to create arbitrary flow patterns in liquids, and, when integrated with light-powered CMOS circuits, enable programmable wireless operation (...)

ADAR1 masks the cancer immunotherapeutic promise of ZBP1-driven necroptosis

mercredi 25 mai 2022 par Ting Zhang, Chaoran Yin, Aleksandr Fedorov, Liangjun Qiao, Hongliang Bao, Nazar Beknazarov, Shiyu Wang, Avishekh Gautam, Riley M. Williams, Jeremy Chase Crawford, Suraj Peri, Vasily Studitsky, Amer A. Beg, Paul G. Thomas, Carl Walkley, Yan Xu, Maria Poptsova, Alan Herbert, Siddharth Balachandran
Nature, Published online: 25 May 2022; doi:10.1038/s41586-022-04753-7A small molecule can bypass the RNA-editing enzyme ADAR1 to directly activate the Z-form nucleic acid sensor ZBP1, induce necroptosis in tumour fibroblasts and reverse resistance to immune checkpoint blockade in mouse models (...)

Large-scale early urban settlements in Amazonia

mercredi 25 mai 2022 par Christopher T. Fisher
Nature, Published online: 25 May 2022; doi:10.1038/d41586-022-01367-xAn aerial technique that can capture hidden signs of human modifications of ancient landscapes has provided data that will prompt a rethink about the types of settlement inhabited by early societies in the Amazon (...)

Enhanced silica export in a future ocean triggers global diatom decline

mercredi 25 mai 2022 par Jan Taucher, Lennart T. Bach, A. E. Friederike Prowe, Tim Boxhammer, Karin Kvale, Ulf Riebesell
Nature, Published online: 25 May 2022; doi:10.1038/s41586-022-04687-0Mesocosm experiments in different biomes show that future ocean acidification will slow down the dissolution of biogenic silica, decreasing silicic acid availability in the surface ocean and triggering a global decline of (...)

Cash and action are needed to avert a biodiversity crisis

mercredi 25 mai 2022
Nature, Published online: 25 May 2022; doi:10.1038/d41586-022-01430-7To stop catastrophic losses of animal and plant species, countries need to move ahead with talks and give generously — despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fossil biomolecules reveal an avian metabolism in the ancestral dinosaur

mercredi 25 mai 2022 par Jasmina Wiemann, Iris Menéndez, Jason M. Crawford, Matteo Fabbri, Jacques A. Gauthier, Pincelli M. Hull, Mark A. Norell, Derek E. G. Briggs
Nature, Published online: 25 May 2022; doi:10.1038/s41586-022-04770-6Molecular analyses of modern and fossil skeletal samples reveal that elevated metabolic rates consistent with endothermy evolved independently in mammals and plesiosaurs, and ornithodirans: Exceptional metabolic rates are (...)

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