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La Terre est-elle prise dans un anneau de mystérieuse matière noire ?

Après avoir décroché, avec tambours et trompettes, le boson de Higgs – confirmation expérimentale en 2012, prix Nobel en 2013 –, la physique sait que le temps est venu de changer de Graal, de changer de quête. La nouvelle cible s'appelle matière … Continuer la lecture (...)

Why drug discovery is hard - Part 2: Easter Island, Pit Vipers; Where do drugs come from?

The bark of the Pacific Yew tree which yields taxol, one of the world's bestselling anticancer drugs (Image: Wikipedia Commons) This is part 2 of a series of posts delving into the fundamental... -- Read more on

An Unlikely GoPro Bandit: Caught in the Act!

lundi 6 janvier 2014 — Evolution,More Science
Check out this excellent video shot at a dive resort in Fiji. [More] -- Read more on

A Missing Genetic Link in Human Evolution

lundi 6 janvier 2014 — More Science, Biology, Evolution, Evolutionary Biology
Mysterious episodes of genetic duplication in our great ape ancestors may have paved the way for human evolution -- Read more on

A Missing Genetic Link in Human Evolution

From Quanta Magazine ( find original story here ). [More] -- Read more on

Why drugs are expensive: It's the science, stupid.

A cartoon representation of part of the protein PCSK9, a significant new target for reducing cholesterol that until now has thwarted efforts to drug it (Image: Wikipedia Commons) This is part 1 of... -- Read more on

Sunday Species Snapshot: Forest Owlet

Scientific fraud almost led to this tiny owl’s extinction. Species name: Forest owlet ( Heteroglaux blewitti ). Known locally as dongar dudaa. [More] -- Read more on

Evolving proteins - no DNA required

dimanche 5 janvier 2014 — Evolution,More Science
Prions are the infective agents that cause transmissible spongiform encephalopathies such as Mad Cow Disease in humans. All prions affect the brain or neural tissues and are currently untreatable.... -- Read more on

False Killer Whales and Bottlenose Dolphins Swim Together for Years

dimanche 5 janvier 2014 — More Science,Evolution,Biology
In the waters off the northern coast of New Zealand swims a group of one of the world's most poorly understood cetaceans. Named for their resemblance to their better-known cousins, false killer... -- Read more on

Grassland earless dragons

samedi 4 janvier 2014 — Evolution
Captive Grassland earless dragon climbing in tussock; image by Tony Gamble, used with permission. Today: LIZARDS. Even better: obscure Australian agamids, or dragon lizards, or dragons, if you... -- Read more on

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