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Your Brain Evolved from Bacteria

Where did our brains come from? --

The 6-ton Blue whale model at London’s Natural History Museum

A series of meetings meant that I found myself in London’s Natural History Museum yesterday, and with my friends and Tet Zoo supporters Dan and Felix Bridel (great t-shirt, Felix) I spent a... -- Read more on

Vaquita Porpoise about to Go Extinct, Only 97 Remain

Millions of dollars and two decades of conservation efforts have failed to protect the Gulf of California's critically endangered vaquita porpoise (Phocoena sinus). -- Read more on

'Dead Zone' in the Gulf of Mexico is the Size of Connecticut

Scientists say a man-made "dead zone" in the Gulf of Mexico is as big as the state of Connecticut. The zone, which at about 5,000 square miles (13,000 sq km) is the second largest in the... -- Read more on

Does death change our online networks?

A good friend of mine passed away in June. John had cancer. Before you offer condolences, you should know he did not want to be mourned. It’s been a hard request to follow, but he felt he had... -- Read more on

Mysterious Craters Are Just the Beginning of Arctic Surprises

Researchers are rethinking century-old observations as they witness the unexpected and peculiar perils that are emerging from thawing Arctic permafrost -- Read more on

Spider's Scat Disguise May Be Its Salvation

Masquerading as a bird turd appears to protect certain arachnids from getting eaten by wasps. Karen Hopkin reports -- Read more on

Olivier de Goursac, l’homme qui a vu Mars

mardi 5 août 2014 par Pierre Barthélémy — Astronomie, Espace, Curiosity, Mars, NASA, Olivier de Goursac, Programme Viking
Quand il s'est agi de réfléchir à la meilleure manière de célébrer les deux ans – terrestres, car cela ne fait qu'un peu plus d'une année martienne... – du rover Curiosity sur la planète rouge, une idée s'est imposée naturellement : demander … Continuer la lecture (...)

T. Rex Had a Social Life

By analyzing previously overlooked fossils and by taking a second look at some old finds, paleontologists are providing the first glimpses of the actual behavior of the tyrannosaurs -- Read more on

Furious New Science Fiction from Mark Alpert

Scientific American editor–turned-sci-fi-writer Mark Alpert, author of Final Theory and Extinction, talks about his latest book, The Furies -- Read more on

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