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How Your Morning Commute Resembles a Fungus

mercredi 20 novembre 2013 — Evolution
In many fungi, the DNA storage compartments called nuclei are not prisoners of the cells they reside in, the way they are in animals and plants. Instead, fungal nuclei are free to move about the... -- Read more on

HHMI, with Sean B. Carroll, Premieres New Films for Teachers

mercredi 20 novembre 2013 — Evolution
“ Film is a powerful way to tell stories. … The right story, told well, can be engaging, informative, and memorable.” –Sean B. Carroll The Howard Hughes Medical Institute... -- Read more on

How Traffic Jams Decentralize Cities

Most of the cities that exist today originally grew from an important marketplace or town square. Over time, they developed multiple centers where people could go to work, shop and play--in fact, no... -- Read more on

Flight of the Microraptor

mardi 19 novembre 2013 — Evolution
Microraptor gliding in pursuit of a prey item. There are good reasons for thinking that Microraptor really did behave this way, and that it had black, iridescent plumage. Image by Emily Willoughby,... -- Read more on

Conservation's Holy Grail: "Asian Unicorn" Sighted in Vietnam

One of the rarest creatures in Asia has been spotted in the wild for the first time in nearly 15 years. A camera trap in Vietnam has captured three fleeting images of a single saola ( Pseudoryx... -- Read more on

Sunday Species Snapshot: Jackass Penguin

dimanche 17 novembre 2013 — Energy & Sustainability,More Science,Evolution
These popular penguins have faced a lot of threats in recent years that have put them on a dangerous path. Species name: African penguin ( Spheniscus demersus ), a.k.a. the black-footed penguin or... -- Read more on

Khalil's Picks (15 November 2013)

vendredi 15 novembre 2013 — Evolution,More Science,Health,Space
Another really awesome week with everything from some some meta-science journalism stories to the wonders of rocks ants, crocodiles, dead satellites and Carl Sagan. Yep. [More] -- Read more on

How a Video Game Can Help Us Understand What It's Like to Be an Octopus [Video]

vendredi 15 novembre 2013 — Evolution,More Science,Mind & Brain,Technology
Image courtesy of Flickr/Saspotato You have one brain. Which controls two jointed arms. And ten jointed fingers. All of which are going to have a very hard time keeping up with the protagonist in... -- Read more on

La sélection scientifique de la semaine (numéro 96)

Après le passage dévastateur de Haiyan aux Philippines et après Sandy en 2012, y a-t-il une relation de cause à effet entre le réchauffement climatique et les super-typhons/ouragans/cyclones ? (en anglais, voir aussi ici) Autre question : faut-il ajouter … Continuer la lecture (...)

Une étude ébranle un pan de la méthode scientifique

Y a-t-il quelque chose de pourri au royaume de la science ? La question, un brin provocatrice, est néanmoins d'actualité depuis quelque temps, depuis que se multiplient les travaux dénonçant la difficulté que des chercheurs rencontrent souvent à reproduire les … Continuer la lecture (...)

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